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News From Us

News From Us
CCI Kyrgyzstan proudly contributes to the economy of Kyrgyzstan: 3rd production line has been launched

CCI Kyrgyzstan proudly contributes to the economy of Kyrgyzstan: 3rd production line has been launched


CJSC Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers invests in the еconomy of Kyrgyzstan: 3rd line has been launched on 13 March 2023 as the result of over 10 million USD invested in 2022-2023.. 

The new production line with increase the production volume up to 35% and create additional 30 direct jobs. At the moment 329 people are directly employed and over 1500 indirect jobs has been created in Kyrgyzstan due to the company’s socio-economic impact. 

On a factory in Bishkek we produce following production: Coca-Cola Classic, BonAqua (gas and still) as well as Coca-Cola Zero, Fanta Orange, Sprite, additionally Fanta Exotic will be launched this year.  

The company is the only global brand among beverages, which produces locally in the country. 

We proudly support the development of the country's economy by contributing to GDP (up to 1%). 

Since 1996, Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers CJSC has been operating in Bishkek as one of the very first foreign international investors in independent Kyrgyzstan. According to E&Y study, for 1 som of the Company's added value in the economy of the Kyrgyz Republic, an additional 7.57 soms of gross value added (GVA) is created (the study was funded by the Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş., under which the Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers operates). 

 “Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers” also contributes to the social well-being by financing social projects in such fields as supporting youth entrepreneurship and processing of packaging waste, as well as other activities in line with the corporate social responsibility policies. 

One of examples of our activities in 2022 is support of young enterpreneurs: based on the contest 6 ecological startups working on plastic and paper recycling were selected, production of eco hygiene products, eco firewood from sawdust and leaves, as well as installment of water filter devices in public places. These startups won grants as well as equipment to scale up their operations.  

In 2023 similar activity has been launched in all regions of Kyrgyzstan, additional information can be found here

As part of our contribution to the environment protection, the CCI supports activities of the Wastenet.kg: this network aims to promote plastic packaging collection and recycling. At the moment, over 150 organizations and nearly 100 recyclers are members of this network, this project is funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation.  

Coca-Cola Bishkek Bottlers has been awarded as the best taxpayer of Kyrgyzstan and in 2022 CCI KG was awarded by the Ministry of Economy of the Kyrgyz Republic as the “Best Company – 2022” for the high achievements and success in the business development.  

The company has been repeatedly awarded the highest talent management awards and recognized as the best employer in the country.