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CCI Tajikistan

As CCI Volunteers we collected over 100 kg of PET at the MegaFon Life Fest

We participated in the Earth Day Marathon on the International Earth Day as CCI Volunteers

CCI Tajikistan celebrates the Nowruz Festival

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CCI Tajikistan as a Corporate Citizen

Corporate Social Responsibility

Water Replenishment Projects
Access to Safe Drinking Water

The project of increasing access to safe drinking water supply in rural areas of Tajikistan was scaled up to cover the whole of Tajikistan in 2022 and draws its rationale from an inclusive, community-based, and private-sector approach.

Waste Collection Projects
World Without Waste Activity

CCI Tajikistan became the Beverage Partner of the large-scale music festival MegaFon Life Fest visited by over 15,000 people. The festival served as the launch of CCI Tajikistan’s first World Without Waste campaign, “Help Coca-Cola Make the World a Better Place” to sort useful recyclable waste. We collected over 100 kg of PET with the help of 10 volunteers and made the world a better place with our Free Coke Hugs. 

Pet Bottle Collection at the Music Festival

CCI Tajikistan took part in the annual Go Viral Festival, which promotes community building along with innovative ideas and projects among the youth of Tajikistan. Under the theme of “Art, Business and Innovation”, the festival gathered around 1,500 young individuals. CCI Tajikistan joined the festival with its art zone, art projection area, food court with customers, and plastic collection booth. In the art zone, the attendees were tasked with drawing different paintings such as coke and meal, coke and art and coke and the city. At the art projection area, Coca-Cola’s art advertisement, animation from recent murals and videos along with 100 world’s famous paintings were showcased. CCI’s customers were also given the opportunity to freshly make and sell their food at the food court. Furthermore, a plastic collection booth was also made available to collect waste at the festival.

Women Empowerment Projects
Coozin Project

Tajikistan Coozin, a TCCC-supported women's empowerment project, is a digital platform that gives women the opportunity to start small businesses without start-up capital. Currently operating in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the project enables women to take advantage of self-employment opportunities by digitally connecting them to all the services they need, including logistics, e-payments, and training. Before joining the platform, women receive training in financial literacy, psychology, photography, entrepreneurship, and cooking. So far, 170 women in Tajikistan have participated in the Coozin project. There are currently 50 women owned businesses actively operating on the platform.

U30+ Project

In 2021, the CCI Tajikistan's U30+ Team won the first place in the U30+ Project as part of the "Empowering Women in Tajikistan" theme. The project was named as "Hohari Man" which translates as "My Little Sister". The project strategy is based on SDGs and focusing on Gender Equality and Women’s Empowerment and underlining them as a priority for Tajikistan. The project is carried out in 2 different stages including theory and practice, in coordination with UN Women and Turkish Embassy in Tajikistan. Within the span of a year, CCI Tajikistan worked with 32 women customers in traditional channels and gave them opportunities for skills development, business development, engagement, and motivation.

Women’s Day Celebration

To celebrate the Nowruz festival and Women’s Day, CCI Tajikistan ordered 200 gift boxes designed in traditional Tajik patterns and elements. The boxes contained accessories that were handmade by women who work at the Cultural Center in Dushanbe.

CCI Volunteers

Activity Volunteers
Earth Day Marathon

Volunteers from CCI Tajikistan organised a marathon to celebrate Earth Day, drawing public attention to environmental protection and ecological issues. Volunteers participated in the Earth Day Marathon along with their families, and each volunteer ran for one hour and the total distance covered was around 470 km which spanned over a period of 24 hours. Before and after the marathon, CCI Tajikistan volunteers also participated in the waste collection drive and were able to collect over 100 kg of waste from the Victory Park in Dushanbe. 

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