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Our Commitments

Our ultimate sustainability goal is to ensure the long-term viability of our business by being proactive and innovative in environmental protection and to be recognized as one of the most responsible citizens by all stakeholders.

Sustainability of our value creation is shaped by our commitment to our goals. We have determined 10 priority areas for our sustainability goals and we are currently working on our goals.

As we are committed to build a better future, we link our targets with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and extend the scope of the value we create for our stakeholders.We set our sustainability goals every year in line with The Coca-Cola Company 2020 Commitments. The table below provides an overview of our 2020 sustainability goals:

COUNTRYYEARKey Performance Indicators
Energy Use Ratio* (MJ/L)GHG Emissions Ratio** (g CO2-e/L)Water Use Ratio (L/L)Total Waste Recycling Rate (%)
 2020 Target0.2828.541.3598
 2020 Target0.23501.4194
 2020 Target0.64451.5592
 2020 Target0.35551.7098
 2020 Target0.3732.411.7898.6
Krygyzstan20190.42*** 24.181.6296.97
 2020 Target0.45271.5798.5
 2020 Target0.4615.271.9595

* Figures have received limited assuarance from the independent auditing firm KPMG.
** Figure has been verified by BV.
*** Azerbaijan,Krygyzstan,Tajikistan figure is Core EUR value.

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