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CCI Uzbekistan inaugurates 4th plant

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Corporate Social Responsibility

Water Replenishment Projects
Access to Safe Drinking Water in Rural Areas

The UNDP project "Improving Sanitation in the Aral Sea Region through Access to Safe Drinking Water in Rural Areas," funded by The Coca-Cola Foundation, is designed to increase the standard of living of the target population located in the Khwarezm region of Uzbekistan through providing access to a quality water supply. Included in the project are infrastructure construction, training and awareness raising activities, and the formation of a community-based initiative group that will be involved in implementation and maintenance activities. In the Karakalpakstan region, the installation of a desalination plant with a capacity of 8,000 liters per hour will provide access to clean water for approximately 1,100 people, including 83 households and 2 schools.

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Waste Collection Projects
“Go Wasteless” HORECA Collection Project

Under the project, geared towards promoting waste recycling in the HORECA sector and reducing the sector's environmental impact, HORECA will be able to sell collected PET bottles directly to recycling companies through a dedicated mobile application. The recyclers will both reduce their logistics costs by planning efficient routes and pay less for higher quality raw material. More than 120 HORECA Points will be able to recycle 1,650 tons of PET bottles by the end of the year, and 500 kg of PET bottles will be collected and sent off for recycling.

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Women Empowerment Projects
Coozin Project

Coozin, a TCCC-supported women's empowerment project, is a digital platform that gives women the opportunity to start small businesses without start-up capital. Currently operating in Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, the project enables women to take advantage of self-employment opportunities by digitally connecting them to all the services they need, including logistics, e-payments, and training. Before joining the platform, women receive training in financial literacy, psychology, photography, entrepreneurship, and cooking. So far, 1,400 women in Uzbekistan have participated in the Coozin project. There are currently 50 women owned businesses actively operating on the platform.

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Youth Empowerment Projects
Nobel Festival

In 2022, 1,800 people and 10,000 students participated in the four-day Nobel Festival, sponsored by Coca-Cola Uzbekistan, which gave students and young scientists around the world the opportunity to interact online with Nobel laureates and renowned scientists.

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