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Environmental Footprint

Minimizing our environmental impact by using fewer natural resources and generating less waste are among our main priorities. This approach is essential not only for the sustainability of our business, but also for the sustainability and welfare of the communities in which we operate.

CCI Environmental Policy

In line with our environmental management approach, we have determined three main focus areas:

Environmental Footprint

Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection

There is a scientific consensus that global climate change is occurring and that human-caused GHG emissions are a contributing factor. The implications of climate change for our planet are profound and wide ranging, with expected impacts on energy and water resources, agriculture and biodiversity. We recognize that climate change may have long-term direct and indirect implications for our business and supply chain. As a responsible company, we have a role to play in ensuring that we use the best possible mix of energy sources, improve the energy efficiency of our manufacturing processes, and reduce the potential climate impact of the products we sell.

Our energy management and climate protection strategy focuses on the following:


As water is the main ingredient in our beverages, it is central to our manufacturing process. It is also required by our suppliers in order to grow the agricultural products we use as ingredients. A sufficient quantity of safe, accessible water is not only essential to the welfare and good health of the communities in which we operate, but it is also key to our business success.

Given that water is acutely stressed and increasingly threatened, especially as global demand rises due to growing populations, economic development, and the impacts of climate change, we take every opportunity to reduce the amount of water we use in line with our water management policy and strategy. We reuse and recycle water, treat it via wastewater treatment facilities, and replenish it via our community projects.

Water Strategy

water strategy
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Sustainable Packaging

In CCI, our focus is not only ensuring sustainability during the production processes, but also offering high quality beverages to our consumers in a sustainable manner. We minimize the environmental impacts of our packaging through packaging innovation, resource minimization, recyclability, use of recycled and renewable materials, and engaging consumers to join us on our sustainability journey.

water strategy

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