Economic Development

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Economic Development

The Coca-Cola system is a global business that operates on a local level in every community around the world.

CCI conducts bottling and distribution operations with 25 plants in 10 countries, creating a positive economic impact both directly and indirectly. Our products are produced, sourced (where possible), distributed and sold locally. A bottle of Coca-Cola creates added value for multiple sectors during its journey from the production line to the consumer. Many sectors, including agriculture, energy, production, logistics, transportation, distribution, retail, cooling, advertising, media and packaging play a role in the production of a single bottle of Coke.

Our business stimulates job creation across our value chain. We contribute to the economic development of local communities by employing local people, paying taxes to governments, purchasing goods, services and capital equipment from suppliers, and supporting social development programs.

We reach close to 750,000 sales points with our extensive sales and distribution network. We support local retailers to enhance their businesses by providing assets and training. We also help our suppliers to increase their international competitiveness through substantial contributions.

We often conduct economic impact studies to assess and disclose our indirect economic impact in our operating countries.

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