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Burak Başarır

CCI, one of the key bottlers in the Coca-Cola system is a better and more valuable business than ever before. We have a vision: To be the best FMCG company across our markets. We want to build a company that creates shareholder value and delivers sustainable long-term growth. In order to do that, we have a clear roadmap.

We must be the preferred partner of our customers by putting our customers in the center of our organization. We are rapidly shifting our company to be a sales - and - service company. We are continuously investing in our commercial capabilities to support our customers and expanding our digital reach to grow with them.

We continue to offer our consumers a wide choice of products fit for every lifestyle and occasion. In line with a total beverage mind-set, we focus on developing our brand portfolio through brand and flavor expansion to be able to meet the emerging tastes of our consumers.

We are able to deliver owing to our people who come together as One Team from 10 diverse countries in our region with a commitment to living by our shared values of passion, integrity, accountability and teamwork. Our ambition is to become a great place to work, which is inclusive, diverse and inspiring with its key organizational and leadership capabilities.

We proudly serve a population of more than 400 million across 10 countries. While growing our business, we also work to ensure that we create value for each and every member of all the communities in our region. Our goal is to be recognized as a good corporate citizen by all our stakeholders. We give utmost importance to good corporate governance, accountability and transparency. We set and fulfil goals every year to decrease our environmental footprint and support our communities through inclusive and collaborative social projects that address urgent societal needs.

CCI continues to create value as one of the top Coca-Cola bottlers in the world with annual sales over 1.2 billion unit cases. Our operating geography consists of emerging markets with young populations and a high rate of demographic and economic growth.

In the medium and long run, with its strong leadership, powerful brands and efficient business model, CCI is very well poised to successfully grow and expand its business as one of the largest Coca-Cola bottlers operating in a geography of rapidly developing markets.

About CCI






Million Consumer Base

CCI is a multinational beverage company which operates in Turkey, Pakistan, Kazakhstan, Iraq, Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Jordan, Turkmenistan, Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Syria. As one of the key bottlers of the Coca-Cola system, CCI produces, distributes and sells sparkling and still beverages of The Coca-Cola Company.

CCI employs close to 10.000 people and has a total of 29 plants in 11 countries, offering a wide range of beverages to a consumer base of 430 million people.

CCI's shares are traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange (BIST) under the symbol "CCOLA.IS” and Eurobond is traded in the Irish Stock Exchange, under the symbol "CCOLAT".

About CCI

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