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Proudly serving a population of 430 million across 11 countries.

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Our Vision

To be the best FMCG company across our markets.

customer & consumer
Being the preferred partner of our customers, offering our consumers a wide choice of products fit for every lifestyle and occasion.
Great place to work.
Being a good corporate citizen.

Our Values

One Company. One Team.
We are better equipped with values!

Our Geography

CCI employs more than 10,000 people and has operations in Azerbaijan, Iraq, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Pakistan, Syria, Tajikistan, Türkiye, Turkmenistan and Uzbekistan.


CCI Pakistan

Population: 208 million
Plants: 5
Employees: 3,000

CCI Iraq

Population: 30 million
Plants: 2
Employees: 650

CCI Jordan

Population: 4 million
Plants: 1
Employees: 400

CCI Syria

Population: 17 million

CCI Turkey

Population: 80 million
Plants: 10
Employees: 2,500

CCI Azerbaijan

Population: 10 million
Plants: 1
Employees: 300

CCI Turkmenistan

Population: 6 million
Plants: 1
Employees: 350

CCI Tajikistan

Population: 8 million
Plants: 1
Employees: 100

CCI Kyrgyzstan

Population: 6 million
Plants: 1
Employees: 300

CCI Kazakhstan

Population: 17 million
Plants: 2
Employees: 720

Our History

  • 1964

  • The first franchise in İstanbul granted to İMSA (Has Group) to bottle and distribute The Coca-Cola Company (TCCC) beverages.

  • 1968

  • İMBAT (Özgörkey Group) granted mandate for İzmir territory.

  • İMSA granted franchise for Adana territory.

  • 1971

  • MEDA formed. İMBAT awarded Antalya territory. İMSA granted Bursa territory.

  • 1973

  • ANSAN formed by Has Group.

  • 1975

  • ANSAN granted Ankara and Black Sea franchise.

  • 1977

  • ÖZ-PA formed by Özgörkey Group.

  • 1984

  • ÖZDAĞ formed by Özgörkey Group.

  • 1988

  • MAKSAN formed. TCCC through Atlantic Industry acquired 88 % of ANSAN and MEDA.

  • 1991

  • MEPA formed (99.99 % owned by TCCC).

  • 1996

  • Anadolu Group bought 1/3 equity of MAKSAN, MEPA, ANSAN and MEDA.

  • 1998

  • Atlantic Industry and Anadolu Group each bought 40 % of İMBAT, ÖZDAĞ and ÖZPA. E.Özgörkey İçecek Yatırımı A.Ş. bought 11.2 %, Etap İçecek Yatırımı A.Ş. bought 8.8 % , and Anodolu Group bought 6.675 % of MAKSAN, MEPA, ANSAN and MEDA.

  • 2000

  • ANSAN and İMBAT merged to become MAKSAN. MAKSAN’s new trade name: COCA-COLA İÇECEK ÜRETİM A.Ş. MEDA, ÖZ-PA and ÖZDAĞ merged to become MEPA. MEPA’s new trade name: COCA-COLA SATIŞ VE DAĞITIM A.Ş.

  • 2002

  • COCA-COLA İÇECEK ÜRETİM A.Ş.’s new trade name: COCA-COLA İÇECEK A.Ş. (CCI). COCA-COLA SATIŞ VE DAĞITIM A.Ş. become CCI’s wholly-owned subsidiary.

  • 2005

  • The sale and distribution of Coca-Cola products in Iraq became effective through the establishment of “The Coca-Cola Bottling Co. of Iraq FZCO” through a 50-50% parntnership with a local partner. CCI purchased 51.87% of Efes Invest from Anadolu Efes. Efes Invest purchased a 90 % stake in The Coca-Cola Bottling Company of Jordan.

  • 2006

  • CCI purchased natural source water company Mahmudiye Ltd. CCI’s IPO was successfully completed and CCI’s shares began to be traded on the Istanbul Stock Exchange on May 12. CCI and Efes Invest merged under the name Coca-Cola İçecek in December.

  • 2007

  • CCI acquired a 50% stake in Syrian Soft Drink Sales and Distribution LLC (SSDSD) thereby entering the Syrian market.

  • Following a 50 million YTL investment in the production facility in Sapanca, “Damla” branded natural source water was made available in 0.5 liter, 1.5 liter and 5 liter PET packs in addition to its 19 liter HOD pack size.

  • 2008

  • CCI’s Board of Directors approved the acquisition of up to 50% stake in Coca-Cola Beverages Pakistan Ltd. (CCBPL) whose majority is owned by The Coca-Cola Company subsidiaries.

  • Coca-Cola Satış ve Dağıtım A.Ş. (CCSD), a fully owned subsidiary of Coca-Cola İçecek A.Ş. (CCI), began the sales and distribution of Doğadan products throughout Turkey, beginning in September 2008.

  • Coca-Cola Zero was launched in Turkey by Coca-Cola İçecek.

  • 2009

  • CCI acquired The Coca-Cola Export Corporation’s (TCCEC) 13.75% share and Day Investments Ltd’s 12.50% share in Turkmenistan Coca-Cola Bottlers Limited (TCCB), thereby increasing its total share from 33.25% to 59.5%.

  • In order to meet the additional capacity requirement in the water sector, CCI purchased certain real estates, movables, licenses and other assets related to the water business of Sandras.

  • 2011

  • CCI’s indirect share in CCBIL increased from 30% to 100%.

  • 2012

  • CI purchased approximately 65% of “Al Waha for Soft Drinks, Juices, Mineral Water, Plastics, and Plastic Caps Production LLC” (Al Waha), the largest local bottler in Southern Iraq operating in the field of soft drinks production, sales and distribution. The necessary infrastructure in the Hilla and Karbala plants inherited as a result of this acquisition was completed in a very short time, allowing Coca-Cola production to start in 2013.

  • 2021

  • Following the Share Purchase Agreement signed between The State Assets Management Agency of the Republic of Uzbekistan (“UzSAMA”) and Coca-Cola İçecek, the acquisition of 57.118% stake in Coca-Cola Bottlers Uzbekistan, Ltd is officially completed.

  • Coca-Cola Icecek completed the acquisition of 19.97% minority shares in Waha Beverages (“Waha BV”), a company incorporated in Baghdad and owned by European Refreshments (“ER”), a wholly owned subsidiary of The Coca-Cola Company, of 19.97% in Waha Beverages (“Waha BV”). Resultantly, CCI became the sole owner of Waha B.V. with a 100% direct stake and of Al Waha for Soft Drinks, Juices, Mineral Water, Plastics, and Plastic Caps Production LLC (Al Waha) in Iraq by extension.

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