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Coca-Cola Içecek and Anadolu Etap Inaugurate New Plants in Isparta, Turkey

Press Release Aug 12, 2017

$1.35 billion invested in Turkey within the past 10 years

Anadolu Group subsidiary Coca-Cola İçecek and Turkey’s biggest fruit agriculture company Anadolu Etap inaugurated their new plants in Isparta with a ceremony honored by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

On the occasion of the inauguration of the 2 new plants, Chairman of Anadolu Group, Anadolu Etap and Coca-Cola İçecek Tuncay Özilhan stated that, together with its global partners, Anadolu Group has invested $ 1.35 billion in the beverage and agriculture industry in Turkey within the past 10 years. In Özilhan’s words, Anadolu Group has the vision of being the star that connects Anatolia to the world and the world to Anatolia.

Özilhan added that Anadolu Group is active in 19 countries, directly and indirectly providing employment to 70,000 people and organically investing around $ 500 million every year in its operating geography.

During his speech at the inauguration ceremony Tuncay Özilhan said: “Coca-Cola İçecek’s 10th plant in Turkey inaugurated today is merely the last bit of the $ 1 billion investment we have realized in Turkey. Within the past 20 years, Coca-Cola İçecek became one of the largest bottlers in the global Coca-Cola system. We are leading the way for all Coca-Cola bottlers with our successful business model and best practices.”

We Increase Our Contribution to the Economy and Employment Every Year

Özilhan stated that Anadolu Group’s priority target is to create value across all its operating geography and said: “Coca-Cola İçecek is one of our businesses that makes us proud most. We leave a serious amount of positive economic and social footprint in every phase of our value chain. We generate investment and employment in various sectors such as agriculture, packaging, logistics and cooling. Merely the maintenance activities for our 350,000 coolers located in 300,000 sales points create employment for 1500 people. Our direct and indirect employment effect in Turkey amounts to 30,000. Every TL 1 we invest in the Turkish economy creates a value of TL 7. We have full faith in the future of Turkey. We will continue our investments.”

Turkey Has Become Coca-Cola’s Management Base

TCCC Chairman Muhtar Kent stated that the Coca-Cola system has been witnessing Turkey’s growth and development, and said: “During this process, we continued to invest in Turkey together with our partners with a faith in Turkey’s potential”. He added: “Turkey has become an important management base for Coca-Cola operations that span more than 200 countries. We continue to fuel growth by feeding into many different sectors. We create revenue for close to 150,000 farmers through our fruit and other agricultural raw material purchases.”

We Have Become a Global Company from Turkey

Coca-Cola İçecek CEO Burak Başarır said that the new Isparta plant was established with an investment of TL 110 million, with the investment decision taken in the week following the 15th of July. He maintained that Coca-Cola İçecek has grown to become one of the biggest Turkish investments in the region with 25 plants and 10 thousand employees in 10 countries covering Turkey, Central Asia, Middle East and Pakistan. Başarır said: “Isparta is logistically in a perfect location. We established Turkey’s highest technology production lines here. We are operating in 81 provinces in Turkey with 300 dealers and a sales force of 10,000 strong. Our Isparta plant will serve the Mediterranean basin and the interior of the Aegean region, especially focusing on the tourism potential of these regions. This investment is the proof of our faith in Turkey”.

We Established the Biggest Fruit Company in Turkey

Tuncay Özilhan stated that the new Isparta plant is the 3rd plant of Anadolu Etap, a joint venture between Özgörkey Holding of the Anadolu Group and the Brazilian Cutrale company, that operates with an investment of $ 350 million. He said: “This is a project that we launched 7 years ago with the objective to meet the rising world demand for quality fruit concentrate and to offer fresh fruits to the local market cultivated using the latest agriculture technology. Today we export worldwide more than 50% of our produce. We have a wide range of customers from Europe, Americas and Japan, including the Coca-Cola system. With this latest investment in Isparta, the total amount of our investments has reached $ 350 million.”

According to Anadolu Etap General Manager Demir Şarman, Anadolu Etap operations started in 2010 with a single plant, and today continues with 3 plants, 1 fruit packaging facility and 2800 employees in 7 farms. Şarman said: “%70 of our employees in our orchards are women. Anadolu Etap is the first agriculture company in Turkey that opened a kindergarten for the children of seasonal workers. Our activities focus on local development and social sustainability. We are proud of being one of Turkey’s leading companies that support agriculture and agriculture based industry.”

Coca-Cola Içecek And Anadolu Etap Inaugurate New Plants In Isparta, Turkey

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