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Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers Launches Eco-Cross Project for Waste Recycling

Latest News Jun 17, 2015

Coca-Cola Almaty Bottlers Launches Eco-Cross Project for Waste Recycling

As a part of its sustainability and social responsibility endeavours, CCAB launched the “Eco-Cross” project that encourages separating recyclable waste and hence protecting the environment in Astana. The project is supported by six key universities where volunteer eco-brigades consisting of over 10,000 students are engaged in the project. The main objective of the eco-brigades is to encourage university students to separate their recyclables. A plastic collection competition is also organized between the brigades. CCAB awards the winners with special grants to be used for their own waste management projects.

CCAB collaborates with Astana municipality and operator companies that are engaged in the collection and transportation of plastic and paper waste in the city. Therefore it is ensured that a large portion of the waste is recycled and not taken to landfill sites. A total of 90.3% of the waste from CCAB’s plant and office complex is sent for recycling. Therefore, by separating recyclable waste, company employees make a contribution to the protection of the environment and they help increase awareness about recycling in the society.

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