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CCI Pakistan's Paani Project enables access to safe drinking water for 750,000+

Latest News Apr 05, 2017

CCI Pakistan places the issue of water usage, which is fundamental to our business, at the heart of its environmental policy. Access to safe drinking water in Pakistan is a critical issue. A report by Pakistan Council of Research in Water Resources (PCRWR) reveals that over 40% of the total population in Pakistan is without access to safe drinking water. UNICEF reports that 20-40% of hospitals beds in Pakistan are occupied by patients of water-related diseases. Addressing to the safe drinking water needs of our communities, CCI Pakistan set up its first filtration plant in Malir, Karachi in collaboration with the Rotary International Pakistan. The second plant was installed at Lari Adda; Lahore with the collaboration of Clean Water Trust. In addition two plants in Rahimyar Khan have been installed under the banner of Clean Water Trust. Each plant has the capacity of producing over 2000 liters per hour and serve a community of over 20,000 people every day. In keeping with our objective to provide safe drinking water, CCI Pakistan launched Paani – Safe Water Initiative in 2015 with the aim to provide clean water to 500,000+ people across Pakistan by the end of 2016. The project was launched and implemented in collaboration with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) Pakistan. A total of 15 plants have been set up in the outskirts of Lahore over a course of two years. Extensive community outreach and mobilization activities have also been conducted in the targeted areas informing people about the importance of safe drinking water and its appropriate usage. Two types of water treatment technology (UV Filtration & Reverse Osmosis) has been used depending on the water quality of the target area.

To date (April 2017) the 23 filtration plants have generated more than 12 Million liters of safe drinking water (as per flow meter reading) enabling water access for 750,000+ individuals living in the densely populated communities where the plants have been set up. Moving forward CCI Pakistan aims to extend our reach to 1 million people (2018) by expanding the Project. As per the impact study conducted by WWF there has been a significant decrease (10-15%) in instances of water borne diseases in the beneficiary communities.

CCI Pakistan's Paani Project enables access to safe drinking water for 750,000+

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