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Why should you join CCI?

CCI’s recruitment philosophy incorporates the following:

Recruiting and retaining a high-performing talent force which is reflective of the diverse marketplace we serve. Caring for an inclusive culture which helps us positively embrace our vision of organizational leadership and people goals.

Engaging with our local communities to grow our pipeline of diverse talents. Continuously increasing the quality of our work environment to ensure that CCI remains the best place to work.


Recruiting and retaining a high-performing talent force which is reflective of the diverse marketplace we serve.

What is our Process?

We look for talent and capability, not only to satisfy our current needs, but also to ensure that our future business needs are secured. Our focus for all our operating markets is on hiring candidates that are a good match both for the job and for our corporate culture, but who also have the potential and desire to be groomed for future leadership roles.

Our talent acquisition process is spread over five phases.


A recruiter filters through our database of applicants to determine that your qualifications meet the requirements of the job.

A telephone/video interview is conducted to assess your understanding of the role and suitability for the job.


Once shortlisted, we conduct an online personality assessment to obtain information about your thinking, behavior and occupational interests.


A recruiter will invite you to the interview process if you have been shortlisted following the online assessment.

Interviews are carried out to learn about your previous work experience and achievements.

Interviewers use competency-based interview techniques to learn in detail about your capability and potential. Depending on the job level, you may be interviewed by the recruiter, hiring manager, second level manager and function/department head.


Upon successful completion of interviews, the recruiter and hiring manager compare candidates who have been successful up to this stage, identifying those most suitable for the job.

Background Check

It is a standard operating procedure for us to carry out a back-ground check on all recruits.

Our talent acquisition team will contact you to request the details required for your background check.

If you are one of the successful candidates, you receive a job offer upon the satisfactory result of your background check.

Which function will you be a part of?

Human Resources

Our employees are the most important asset of our company. Human Resources in CCI involves managing the entire employment lifecycle by designing, developing and implementing HR strategies, processes and practices, with a focus on creating a high-performing and engaging organizational culture.

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Supply Chain

The Supply Chain function in CCI covers end-to-end operational processes, beginning with planning and procurement of raw materials to actual production, quality assurance, maintenance, warehousing and eventually the delivery of products to the market.

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CCI’s Commercial function works to lead strategy and capability development in marketing and commercial areas across CCI. We work in liaison with The Coca-Cola Company’s marketing function to jointly carry out strategic marketing and business planning, development of new portfolios and operational marketing plans pertaining to new launches, consumer and other promotional campaigns. We, however, solely lead the execution in channel, category trade marketing and shopper insights.

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For CCI, the quality of financial information and compliance with all regulations is of critical importance, as we are a publicly traded company. Our Finance function ensures that we fulfil all regulatory requirements and that we are compliant with the relevant financial reporting, accounting, disclosure and corporate governance standards in all our operations.

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Strategy & Business Development

We in our Strategy and Business Development function identify, evaluate and negotiate terms for mergers, acquisitions and spinoffs. Here, we do not only analyze the feasibility of a new investment or property acquisition, but we also design and evaluate new business alliances, new business models, joint ventures and new market opportunities with a view to positively impact the profitability of the company.

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Business Technologies

Business Technologies (BT) function in CCI works to develop value added technology solutions and services to allow for improved productivity for employees and increased efficiency in business operations. As an information technology support department, we work with both internal customers, i.e. CCI employees, and external customers such as distributors and their employees.

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Public Affairs & Communication

CCI’s Public Affairs and Communications (PAC) function is responsible for establishing and maintaining our relations with business interest groups, media, and other key stakeholders in line with our vision and strategy. We ensure that CCI remains a trusted company by building and enhancing systems to protect our reputation and by providing solutions to resolve key business issues through the effective mobilization of media, government and NGOs.

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Internal Audit

The Internal Audit (IA) function in CCI focuses primarily on addressing key stakeholder priorities and optimizing IA resources. We give assurances regarding the reliability of financial and management reporting, the effectiveness and efficiency of operations, safeguarding of company assets, and compliance with law and regulations. We are continuously improving CCI’s operations through best practices and knowledge transfer across our value chain.

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What does CCI offer you?

In CCI, we recognize all our employees as talent. We make it a priority to invest in solutions and mechanisms that give you the opportunity to continually enhance your skills, thereby enabling you to reach your highest potential and develop your career.

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