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Our Actions Against Coronavirus (COVID-19)

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Our world is now being confronted with a rapidly changing and unprecedented global emergency, Global Outbreak of COVID-19. Since the very beginning, CCI has been closely following the global situation of the coronavirus outbreak and has been actively monitoring all information, warnings and instructions given by national and international authorities on this issue.
As CCI, our people; their health & wellbeing has always been and will remain to be our foremost priority. While adapting ourselves to this rapid change, we have focused on ensuring adherence to all the steps that need to be taken to help protect the health and safety of our employees, customers, consumers and community.
In the face of this extraordinary situation, we believe in acting responsibly. Together with our teams, we remain committed to make extraordinary efforts in order to provide the beverage needs of our customers and consumers.
We would like to update all our stakeholders regarding the current situation on the outbreak. We will keep on updating you as the situation evolves.

We Care About Our People
People are at the center of our business. We have issued various protective measures for our employees, based on the different escalation levels in our countries. These include:
  • We trained all our employees on the ways to protect themselves against coronavirus and remain safe, based on advices from local and international authorities regarding the precautions to be taken against COVID-19.
  • We provided necessary equipment for their protection..
  • All face-to-face meetings have been cancelled until further notice.
  • We issued strict travel restrictions..
  • Temperature checks started for employees working in offices and plants – entrance of guests have been forbidden until further notice.
  • Additional hygiene precautions started in the offices, cafeterias and plants.
  • We made working from home/distance arrangements for all roles that can be done remotely.

We Continue to Serve Our Customers&Consumers
Measures have been put into place to ensure the continuity of our business during this challenging time. We are doing everything we can do to support our customers and to provide the supplies consumers need.
Currently, our operations continue. Our sales and distribution teams continue to work uninterruptedly to receive and deliver orders, and our production has been planned and realized to meet demands.

We Fulfill Our Responsibility to Community
Together with our employees, our distributors, their employees and our consumers; we are an integral part of our communities.
Nowadays, supply of water, and other beverages to the community become critical. Our plant operations and field teams are still working to ensure that we are fulfilling our responsibility. We are also in close collaboration with official authorities, and supporting public service employees when needed.

We Ensure Product Safety
The quality and safety of our products continues to remain our area of focus. Therefore, we strengthened our hygiene practices across our plants and distribution centers. It is important to note that, our employees have no hand contact with our finished products during production. Meanwhile, as a response to COVID-19 outbreak, we have increased daily cleaning and disinfection frequency in our plants. We are also cleaning and disinfecting the forklifts, reach trucks, employee service buses, distribution center trucks, own fleet and company cars regularly.

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