Coca-Cola İçecek Announces 2030 Sustainability Commitments

Press Release May 13, 2022

Marking the 20th anniversary of its sustainability efforts, Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) announced its Sustainability Pledges for 2030. CCI is taking action to use at least 50 percent recycled plastics in all its packaging, set up waste collection systems, boost water efficiency by 20 percent, implement water recovery projects, switch to 100 percent renewable power in its facilities, reduce its carbon emissions by 13 percent, ensure full compliance to its Human Rights Policy, increase women’s employment to promote social gender equality at work, and reach out to 3.5 million people per year through sustainable development programs.

Serving to a population of 430 million through its 10,000 employees and huge ecosystem comprised of nearly 100,000 people across 11 countries where it operates, Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) takes responsibility for the future with its 2030 Sustainability Pledge. Focusing its roadmap on six main areas including packaging, water and climate on environmental issues; human rights, diversity & inclusion and community investments on social issues, CCI pledges 9 commitments in this effort.

“We are taking responsibility”
Reminding that CCI had embarked upon its sustainability journey with the first environment policy published 20 years ago, CEO Burak Başarır said: “We have strived to create more value for our consumers, customers, people and communities each and every day. We have achieved significant success; however, we are very well aware that we still have a lot to do. Today, we are taking another important step to take responsibility once again with new commitments for 2030.”

"We have always been very meticulous to communicate CCI’s social, environmental and financial performance with our stakeholders in alignment with the principles of transparency and accountability. We know that achieving our targets will take full integration of sustainability into our business strategy. Therefore, we consider our sustainability initiatives as a change in the way we do business, rather than a project. In this context, we are proud to share our commitments with you” added Başarır.

Coca-Cola İçecek’s 2030 Sustainability Commitments are as follows:

Commitment #1:
Continue to make 100% of our packaging recyclable and use at least 50% recycled material in our plastic packaging by 2030  
Commitment #2: Collect and recycle a bottle or can for each one we sell in Turkey, Pakistan and Kazakhstan, initiate collection programs in other countries
Commitment #3: Increase water efficiency by 20% by 2030 (Base Year: 2020)  
Commitment #4: Aim for water neutrality and help secure water availability in water-stressed locations through community projects
Commitment #5: Run our manufacturing sites on 100% renewable electricity and make them carbon-neutral  
Commitment #6: Reduce our total absolute GHG emissions by 13% by 2030 and emissions per liter of product by 50% by 2030 while growing the business (Base Year: 2015)
Commitment #7: Establish mechanisms to ensure that CCI’s distributors and priority suppliers are %100 compliant with CCI Human Rights Policy  
Commitment #8: Ensure that 35% of new hires, 40% of managerial positions and 50% of executive committee members are women by 2030  
Commitment #9: Reach up to 3.5M people until 2030 with our sustainable development programs with a focus on women, youth empowerment and environment  

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