Coca – Cola İçecek CEO Burak Başarır recognized as the “Best CEO”

Press Release Sep 25, 2019

 Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI) CEO Burak Başarır has been recognized as the “Best CEO” of the beverage sector in the The Emerging EMEA Executive Team 2019 Research conducted by New York-based Institutional Investor Magazine, where nearly a thousand leaders were nominated.

The Emerging EMEA Executive Team 2019 Research was conducted with more than 12,000 independent professionals voting among over 990 executive nominees from nearly 400 companies across more than 20 sectors, assessing the quality and effectiveness of investor relations outreach activities.

CCI is also recognized as one of the ‘Most Honoured Companies’ in the ranking that highlighted the top CEOs, CFOs and investor relations professionals across emerging markets

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