152 New Projects By Coca-Cola İçecek For a More Sustainable World

Press Release Jul 29, 2019

Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI), whose majority shares are owned by Anadolu Group, operating in Turkey, the Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan, released its’ 11th Sustainability Report. The report indicates the company’s continuously improving sustainability performance and the contributions it provides to the environment and society through its’ 2018 projects in a transparent manner.

Since the launch of the UNGC 100 Index in 2013, CCI has been the first and continues to be the only Turkish company within the index. Focusing on producing more while consuming less in all its production processes, CCI released 152 new projects in 2018 with the goal of minimizing environmental footprint, efficient use of natural resources and creating a more sustainable world.

With the improvement projects in Turkey, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Pakistan and Kyrgyzstan, a total of 11 billion liters of water was replenished, the amount of carbon dioxide that would be absorbed by 18 million trees in a year was prevented from entering the atmosphere while 500 million kilowatt hours of electricity was saved.

More than 1000 of CCI Volunteers across 23 cities have reached over 140 thousand people in Pakistan and Turkey through volunteerism projects that are focusing on women, families and children with disabilities and refugee children who are in need of support.

CCI’s Corporate Affairs Director Servet Yıldırım has commented regarding the report saying;

“As a multinational beverage company, our most important goal is to create sustainable value for our stakeholders in all our operating countries, in the journey starting with the raw material supply until our products reaching to the consumers. Our sustainability strategy is based on our efforts to minimize our environmental impact, generate less waste, reduce our total carbon footprint, increase our energy efficiency and managing our water usage. Projects that we carry out to replenish water and prevent carbon dioxide emissions in all the regions we operate in, has become a great source of pride for CCI in 2018. Today, Turkey is one of the least water and energy using operation in the entire Coca-Cola system. Our rate of recycling of packaging waste (plastic, glass, metal and aluminum) reached 56% in 2018 in Turkey. Our sustainable packaging efforts covering all processes from design to recycling, are of utmost importance to reduce our environmental footprint.

As a responsible corporate citizen, we will continue to work to create a better future and provide more benefit to the communities in our operating countries.”

 CCI’s 11th Sustainability Report is available at https://cci.com.tr/sustainability-report.”

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