Coca-Cola İçecek Attended United Nations Gender Equality Meeting

Press Release Mar 18, 2019

 Coca-Cola İçecek (CCI), the signatory of the United Nations Global Compact since 2013, which has been implementing ten principles on environmental and social issues in order to ensure a balanced and sustainable growth of the global economy, attended the CEO Roundtable  organized under the 63rd session of the United Nations Committee on the Status of Women in the United Nations headquarters in New York. The meeting, in which more than 20 of the business leaders of the world’s leading companies shared their experiences, built on the work the Male Champions of Change released in 2018 with Chief Executive Women, titled “Backlash and Buy-in: Responding to the Challenges in Achieving Gender Equality”.

At the meeting attended by the CEOs of the world's leading companies; the leaders of the business community discussed the strategies to be developed against the lack of understanding, fear, culture and industry norms which are obstacles to gender equality and shared the projects they have already implemented.

“When women are together, their power will increase exponentially”

Evaluating the Coca-Cola İçecek's “Human Rights Policy” which is based on providing equal opportunities to all and creating an inclusive environment, Başarır referred to the United Nations Women's Empowerment Principles (WEP), which CCI has been a member of since 2015 and said “ As WEP is our guide to improve our women employees, we gave continuous support to support our women employees. While prioritizing and strengthening more women leaders within CCI; we have also identified women projects as our priority in our corporate social responsibility projects.

While mentioning the regional challenges CCI experienced in their operating countries in terms of gender equality, Başarır stated that they created Women Platforms that bring together all the employees to overcome these difficulties and said: “We believe that their power will grow exponentially when women are together and interacting. In this respect, we have created Women Platforms where our female employees will be strengthened together.”

While it is emphasized that CCI's activities towards gender equality are not limited to its employees, it is stated that a similar structure to CCI Women Platforms has been set up among the dealers and the leadership program aimed at the development and strengthening of women managers in dealerships was put into effect.

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