Coca-Cola İçecek, Started Producing with “Zero Waste” at Hazar Damla Water Plant

Press Release Mar 25, 2019

CCI, operating in 10 countries including Turkey, Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan with 26 factories and nearly 8,500 employees, started production under the status of “Zero Waste” in Hazar Damla Water Plant. Focusing on “using less while producing more” in their sustainability understanding, aims to complete “Zero Waste” transformation in all CCI plants. Hazar Plant is CCI’s fourth plant producing under the status “Zero Waste”.

More quality, less waste

Thanks to effective projects carried out in packacing and recycling, In the last 8 years, CCI has used 15 thousand tons less plastic with its lightening works in PET packaging and recycled 54% of the packages put on the market in 2017. Additionally, CCI has the best water and energy use ratios across the global Coca-Cola system.

Starting production with “Zero Waste” in Elazığ, Çorlu and Ankara plants last year, completed the transformation in water plant located in the province of Elazığ with the aim of extending “Zer Waste” status to all of their plants.  

‘We are reducing our environmental footprint’

CCI’s Corporate Relations Director Servet Yıldırım stated that CCI has not compromised its responsible corporate citizenship principles while advancing towards their vision of being the best FMCG company in all countries where it operates and continued as “We are focusing on the priorities of our stakeholders while conducting our sustainability strategy, and conducting all our operations consciously in terms of our environmental impact. We continue to move towards our environmental performance targets through our efforts to produce less waste, reduce our total carbon footprint, improve our energy efficiency and water management. As the only Turkish company in the UN Global Compact 100 Index; we will continue to contribute to the improvement of the environment and the society in which we live, while ensuring the continuity of our business.”


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