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Sustainability Indexes

Energy Efficiency and Climate Protection

In accordance with our transparency and accountability principles, we measure our progress in sustainability and disclose our sustainability policies, practices and performance results via our website, annual report, sustainability report, CDP and CDP Water Reports.

Our ongoing efforts to further improve in sustainability performance continues to be recognized by national and international organizations such as UNGC, BIST, MJSI, FTSE4Good and ECPI.

United Nations Global Compact and the UNGC 100 Index

Since joining the UN Global Compact in 2009, we have been firmly committed to supporting its ten principles. Thereby, we continue to strive for improvement in our policies and practices on human rights, labor conditions, environment and anti-corruption. Our objective is to further integrate these principles into our business where they matter most and effectively track our performance. As a recognition of our efforts, since 2013, CCI continues to be listed in the UNGC 100 Sustainability Index.

Borsa Istanbul Sustainability Index

CCI has been quoted in Borsa Istanbul’s Sustainability Index since 2015. CCI’s inclusion in this important index is a strong message reaffirming our commitment in adhering to sustainability principles in all aspects of our operations.

MSCI Global Sustainability and SRI Indexes

In August 2016, CCI was included in the Morgan Stanley Capital International (MSCI) Global Sustainability Indexes and the Global SRI Indexes series for the first time with "AA" score with its environmental, governance and social performance.

FTSE4Good Emerging Index

As a result of the assessment of our ESG practices and reporting performances, we have been selected to be included in the New FTSE4Good Emerging Index for the first time during 2016.

ECPI Index

CCI has also been chosen to be a constituent of ECPI Index with the 2016 year ESG performance again for the first time in 2017.

The report below summarizes additional qualitative and quantitative information required by sustainability indexes on environment, human rights, health & safety and ethics, which is not included in our sustainability report (limited to GRI G4 Guidelines) or on our website. We aim to meet all the expectations of our investors and other stakeholders regarding transparency and accountability with the information shared in these reports.

Supplementary Information for Index

Please contact CCI’s Corporate Affairs or Investor Relations departments (+90 216 528 44 00) for your comments or questions.

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