Building happier, healthier futures

3.2.1 Move! is a year-long program that invests in the future of young people – inspiring and equipping teachers and youth with the tools to develop healthy and active habits. In Turkey, Iraq, and Pakistan, teachers and young people are leading the way by running activities, designing events, and motivating their peers and schools to get active.



Launch: October 2013

3.2.1Basla! operates across five districts in Turkey with plans to expand in the future.

The program inspires youth to be more physically active through upgrades to school grounds, regional active events and, most essentially, an empowered network of volunteer teachers.

In the program’s first year, 45 schools participated, and as many as 40,000 students benefitted.

A follow-up impact study revealed that 92% of students participated in program activities with 80% of participating students becoming more active as a result.



Launch: September 2014

123Entalik! operates in two districts of Baghdad thanks to a partnership with Mercy Corps, an international development organization that focuses on building a foundation and future for youth across the globe.

In Baghdad, 1.2.3 Entalik! not only facilitates the development of healthy and active habits, but it also provides a regular safe and fun place for youth to gather and learn.

The Iraq program operates in low-income areas, reaching an equal number of girls’ schools and boys’ schools. Still in its first year, the program is working with 22 schools, 114 coaches and youth leaders, and 2,255 team members.



Launch: August, 2014

3.2.1 Bhago! is operating in 24 schools across Lahore, mainly serving low-income schools in rural areas.

In partnership with Mercy Corps an international development organization that aims to build a foundation and future for youth globally -- 3.2.1 Bhago! works with girls’ schools and boys’ schools separately and is now engaging more than 2,500 boys and girls ages 10-18 twice each week.

So far in its first year, the program is working with 24 schools, 153 coaches and youth leaders, and 2,400 team members.