Coca-Cola Içecek’s iLead2020 training program

Press Release Dec 01, 2015

Coca-Cola Içecek’s iLead2020 training

Coca-Cola Içecek’s iLead2020 training program was recently awarded as the “Best Leadership Program” by TEGEP Learning Development Association, which is dedicated to promoting and enhancing training and development in Turkey.CCI aims to be the best in class employer and has been running its ILead2020 training program to develop its future leaders within the framework of its 2020 growth vision.

Coca-Cola Içecek (CCI), operating in 10 countries with 23 plants and over 11 thousand employees in Turkey, the Middle East, Central Asia and Pakistan, whose majority shares are owned by Anadolu Group, received the first prize in the “Best Leadership Program” category from TEGEP Learning Development Association in Turkey with its iLead2020 training program. CCI had launched iLead2020 within the framework of its 2020 growth vision with the aim of empowering its leaders, strengthening their commitment and developing their business knowledge to prepare them as leaders of the future.

Last year iLead2020 had received a CUBIC Award from the International Quality and Productivity Center (IQPC) in the “Learning Leader of the Year” category. Earlier this year, it had received an “Excellence in Practice” award from the Association for Talent Development (ATD), considered to be the world’s most accredited institution in talent development since 1944.

Rengin Onay, CCI’s Group Human Resources Director, stated that the company is on the right track as evidenced by the recent awards and said: “Within the framework of our 2020 growth vision and beyond, we know that our future lies in investing in leaders, talent and competency. Departing from this vision, we aimed to create a common leadership culture and developed the iLead2020 program which focuses on our leadership competencies.”

Comprising of more than 14 learning methodologies, the program was designed to accommodate the learning style of each individual participant. Featuring prominent CEOs and academics from Turkey as guest speakers, the program has been running in Turkey, Dubai (UAE), Kazakhstan and Jordan in 4 different languages, hosting more than 250 leaders from 10 countries.

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